Welcome to My Blog!

It’s always an odd thing to decide how to present yourself on the internet. This site will be strictly for my fiction writing projects.

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What Does the Higgs-Boson Look Like?

By Kate Kershner

In July 2012, the whole world came face to face with the Higgs boson: a sparkly, little light that danced across our screens like Tinker Bell. Wait, that’s not right.

While physicists jumped for joy to “see” the Higgs boson — that elusive particle that composes the Higgs field, which allows particles to gain mass — the truth is that they actually saw a whole bunch of numbers, graphs and general data that told them that the Higgs boson was detected. And even saying that it was “detected” deserves some explanation.

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Middle-earth Cage Match: Bill the Pony vs. Shadowfax

By Judith Tarr

Here we have our two contestants for this week’s match, the first in SFF Equines history (but not, perhaps, the last): on this side the tall, white, shining, magical, beautiful king of stallions who deigns to carry the great Wizard; and over on that side, the short, brown, fuzzy, unromantic, pretty definitely not-a-stallion who is not asked whether he wants to carry the Fellowship’s baggage (but as far as Sam can determine, he’s willing).

A serious mismatch, you say?

That, I reply, remains to be seen.

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13 Ways to Help an Indie Author with Their Book Release

Just thought I would point this out, since I have a release coming up that’s been scaled back to October 15!  Save the date!

By Helen Scheuerer

As the launch of Heart of Mist draws nearer and nearer, a lot of my readers have been asking: how do I help you with your book release?

Firstly, just asking a lovely question like that means the world to just about any author. Writing and publishing a book is a huge undertaking, and so any acknowledgement of this is greatly appreciated.

But of course, there are a number of other ways you can help authors with the impending release of their book…

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