The 30 authors of the 30 day challenge… Meet them all here!!!

Mercedes Prunty Author


I’m slowly getting to grips with this challenge, how it all works, cross promoting others work and finally (I know it’s late) getting to know Twitter and use it better (Gosh I know, never thought that would happen lol) but what I thought would be great would be to have all the 30 authors names and author fan pages in one place (Easy for me to find but also easy for you guys to find them and read their works if you fancy reading something new from an author you probably wouldn’t really know before).

So let’s start it off with the woman who created the assignments and the leader of all things 30 authors…

  1. Lucina Moebius –
  2. Morgan Smith –
  3. Author Gibson –
  4. Greg Alldredge –
  5. Mark McQuillen –
  6. Jason Nugent –
  7. Assaph Mehr –
  8. Merri Prudich Halma –
  9. Ryan Batla –…

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Science and Science Fiction: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Written by Nancy Kress


One of the scariest statements I ever heard came from a young relative of mine: “All the science I know I learned from your books!” To which I replied, gasping a little, “But you know I make it up, right?”

But not entirely—which raises a critical question. While much has been written about how to use science to create, plot, or enhance one’s fiction, not as much has been written about how speculative fiction impacts our understanding of science. Consider the following: Haijun Yao, editor of China’s major SF magazine, Science Fiction World, told me last year that the Chinese government, which banned SF during the Cultural Revolution, is now very enthusiastic about its publication. The reason, Mr. Yao said, is that reading science fiction encourages young people to learn about science.

Many, many more people see science fiction movies than read print SF.

Almost all SF movies, and much print SF as well, depicts science that is misleading at best, harmful at worst.

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Release the Wyrd West!

Hey gang! Just letting you all know that the third book in the Wyrd West, The Vigil, is alive! It’s about twice the length of the first one, so the series is a full novel’s read now.  And now that there’s three, Amazon has even given me my own series page! Remember you can Pay […]

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Which Social Media Channel Sells The Most Books?

#30days30authors The answer might surprise you!  It surprised me!

By Rachel Thompson

“Which one social media channel will net me the most book sales?” an author asked me recently during my weekly #BookMarketingChat (join any Wednesday on Twitter, 6pm pst/9pm est simply by typing in the hashtag).

Well, it’s not that easy. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just go to say, Facebook, because that’s the EASY button, and violá! They will come, we will sell, and yacht-life, here we come. Alas, it just doesn’t work that way because well, a few reasons.

Let’s deconstruct.

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Warfighter: Hoth

Originally posted on The Angry Staff Officer:
Strap yourselves in, folks, it’s time to ruin yet another timely classic by giving it the old “analyze it to death” treatment. And this time, we’re going back a ways. A long time ago, to be exact, in a galaxy far, far away. More precisely, we’re going to…

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