Winner of My Contest Giveaway!

This weekend at the By Any Means Necessary Author Takeover I offered up a contest giveaway: And the winner is: Jeff Russell! Winning Quote: “You should learn to live as if you didn’t exist.” ~ from Once Upon a Time in the West. Other Entries: “Well, you’re a romantic bastard, I’ll give you that.” ~ […]

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The Weird West

I didn’t realize when I started writing my Wyrd West Chronicles that there was actually a genre for this!  No new ideas under the sun, I guess; but then again, it seems that my take is just a little bit unique.  Less dark overall than the usual depiction; more high fantasy.

Speaking of which, I’ll be releasing the first story, “Showdown,” on the Spring Equinox!  That’s March 20 this year.  It’s in the final editing stages and I’m just waiting for the cover image.  When I have all that, you’ll be able to get it by pre-order.

There’s Space Western for The West In Space!, and there’s Cattle Punk for The West meets Steam Punk. The Weird West is for when The West meets the supernatural.

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Writing a Killer Logline

A Killer Logline is a Must Have

During the old days of Hollywood, the studios had scripts piled high in their offices. The executives didn’t want to have to search through the scripts to find one they were interested in.

So they had their assistants write a very brief synopsis of the plot on the spine of the script. One sentence, or perhaps two, that enabled the busy executive to make a decision. These short summaries are called loglines.

Imagine that – executives didn’t even open the script when considering it. Does that remind you of anything? Literary agents and publishers are, of course, notorious for sending work back unread. Why was it unread? They didn’t like your covering letter so they didn’t even bother to read it. Why didn’t they like your covering letter? Because the logline was weak.

In the studio system, executives decided whether to back movies based on nothing but the logline. The same is still true in publishing.

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