Why Would Aliens Even Bother with Earth?

By Lewis Darnell

As an astrobiologist I spend a lot of my time working in the lab with samples from some of the most extreme places on Earth, investigating how life might survive on other worlds in our solar system and what signs of their existence we could detect. If there is biology beyond the Earth, the vast majority of life in the Galaxy will be microbial—hardy single-celled life forms that tolerate a much greater range of conditions than more complex organisms can. To be honest, my own point of view is pretty pessimistic. Don’t get me wrong—if the Earth received an alien tweet tomorrow, or some other text message beamed at us by radio or laser pulse, then I’d be absolutely thrilled. So far, though, we’ve seen no convincing evidence of other civilizations among the stars in our skies.

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Space Opera is Taking Humanity to its Limits

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Canadian Astronauts

Here are the top 17 candidates for the Canadian Space Agency’s astronaut training program! Men and women from all over the country; doctors, soldiers, pilots, scientists. Here’s one job with no glass ceiling. 😉

Also, I really loved this graphic and had to use it in a blog post (courtesy Canadian Space Agency).

Astronauts are modern-day explorers. They courageously travel beyond the Earth to help acquire new scientific knowledge. Their courage and determination are an inspiration to many.

Despite their unique journeys, astronauts have a few things in common: an academic background in science or technology, excellent health, and outstanding qualities and skills.

The candidates participating in the astronaut selection process also share these attributes. You can read their remarkable profiles here. Visit this page regularly to see how the selection process is going!

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Space Opera Fiction is Back & Better Than Ever!

KAMERON HURLEY’S SCIENCE fiction novel The Stars Are Legion almost never saw the inside of a book store. She came up with the idea in 2012, but she and her agent didn’t think anyone would buy it. A “big gory political space opera” wasn’t something flying off the shelves at the time. But two years later, Ann Leckie’s Ancillary Justice swept the major science fiction awards, Guardians of the Galaxy became a surprise box office smash, and Syfy announced plans to make The Expanse into a TV show. Hurley’s book soon found a home at Saga Press.

She was hardly alone. “Publishers started snapping up space operas, leading to a huge demand that needed to be filled,” she says. Today, a bumper crop of space adventures fill Kindles. They run the gamut from intimate character dramas to galaxy-spanning epics, each of them as big and bold as their genre implies, but far more experimental and varied than ever before.

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