10 Tips for Writing Great Fiction

I love Jenna Moreci’s YouTube channel! I’m sharing some of her writing tips because not only do I generally agree with her advice, but I enjoy the way she presents them. (Except that she’s a plotter and I’m a plantser, so we don’t always see eye to eye about that. She likes more planning than I do; I prefer to have a general outline and allow things to evolve organically from there.) Either way, it’s good advice, especially for beginners. Enjoy!

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Do Writers Write What Readers Want to Read?

Have you ever wondered if the genres authors most enjoy writing in, match the genres readers most enjoy reading? Before self-publishing, all new books for sale were filtered by agents and publishers, who acquired and worked on books they thought would sell well. If there was an oversupply of manuscripts by authors in a particular genre, the competition to be chosen and published within the genre, would be higher too. Enter self-publishing: now any writer can publish, without filter, into any genre they desire. Given the influx of new books across genres, does the proportion of books in each genre meet with readers’ demand?

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A Weird West Primer

Here’s a good article from Tor.com about the Weird West.  Except that I disagree with their opening.  The Wild West is Canadian too.  It’s unfortunate that we seem to be letting the Americans get away with claiming that myth as their own.  It is American, but everything West of Winnipeg has this as part of our past also.  The Okanagan Valley (my home) was founded first by the Okanagan First Nation of the Interior Salish, and then by missionaries, miners, and cattle ranchers, and the CP Rail (a heroic feat of Western determination if there ever was one) was part of the condition that British Columbia laid down for joining Confederation.  (Scroll down to the section in my link about the Canadian Pacific Railway; the “Last Spike” was driven a little more than an hour’s drive from where I live.)  I will write a more detailed article about the Canadian West sometime soon.

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