James Webb Telescope Taking Project Proposals

I feature the technology of the James Webb telescope prominently in my near-future novel about asteroid mining in deep space, The Cloud:

Who Will Get First Dibs on the Powerful James Webb Space Telescope?

NASA has issued solicitation for science projects using the long-awaited and incredibly powerful successor to Hubble, which is scheduled to launch next year.

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Are We Looking for Aliens in All the Wrong Ways?

A thought-provoking article worth considering.  Some of their data isn’t quite up to date, but this doesn’t hurt the article’s ideas or sentiments; though the simple answer for why we’re not doing all this is not that the points aren’t valid, and that some of these speculations may well be correct, but we’re literally looking for a needle in a cosmic haystack, and we have to start somewhere.

Article: Are We Looking for Aliens in All the Wrong Ways? from the blog Starts with a Bang, courtesy of Forbes Magazine.

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