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#30days30authors I have always tried to grasp why it is that women are regarded as somehow lesser than men in our culture. It never made any sense to me. Even now, some people seem to feel it’s okay to disregard my opinion on everything from science to politics to warfare, simply because I was born […]

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We Need to Ditch the “Strong Female Character”

Clickbait title.  Also, I disagree with her premise.  We have to ditch the strong female character because most mainstream writers seem to f*ck it up?  No.  We need to teach them what it means.  But otherwise, the article is very good, and makes a lot of excellent points.

Growing up, I loved hearing the words strong female character (“SFC”). By the time I’d hit middle school I was boiling with anger. Not just because of awkward adolescence, but because I was sick and tired of seeing the same old damsels in distress and sexualized romantic interests in my favorite movies and series. I wanted more Mulans, but instead I got a truckload of Sleeping Beauties. And occasionally, an action movie or sci-fi book would deliver my semi-regular SFC.

Except they didn’t. As I grew older and better at writing stories myself, I began to notice a problem with the “strong female character.”

They weren’t characters at all.

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