The Mars 160 Program

By Anastasia Stepanova (translated from Russian) … And here we are flying over the uninhabited island of Devon and we observe a strange picture: in the distance below, a few white points swish. Common sense suggests: these are the most dangerous inhabitants of the Arctic – polar bears. But the closer the plane to the middle of the […]

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Octavia’s Daughters: Meet the New Queens of Spec Fic

By Susan Defreitas The Pulitzer Prize winner Junot Diaz, highfalutin’ literary author though he may be, has famously mourned the fact that there will be no more Octavia Butler books. The iconic Black author, who won both a PEN Lifetime Achievement Award and a MacArthur “Genius” grant—not to mention the Hugo, the Nebula, and the Locus—died in 2006, leaving […]

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10 Notorious Female Outlaws From the Wild West

By Skylar Gibby-Brown

1. Pearl Hart

Born in Lindsay, Canada in 1871, Hart attended an exclusive school. However, she enjoyed adventuring more than school work. At age seventeen, Pearl eloped to Chicago with gambler, Frederick Hart. But, Frederick was abusive and Hart left him at age Twenty-two. She made her way to Arizona where she met miner, Joe Boot. When Boot couldn’t make enough dough from mining, the lovers turned to robbery. They developed a routine where Hart would lure a man into her room, and, once through the door, Boot would whack the unsuspecting gentleman on the head and rob him. However, this play was risky and the couple were almost caught on several occasions. In 1899, Hart developed a plan to rob a stagecoach. More money, less risk.

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#SpecWomenChat Podcast Episode 1: Women in Speculative Fiction

Welcome to our first live #SpecWomenChat Podcast!  In this monthly show, a panel of both indie and traditionally-published women speculative fiction authors will discuss issues about all things fantasy, science fiction, and issues of interest to women in the field.  Some of us you’ll have heard of, others will be new discoveries for many, but all of us are SFF authors.

Our first panel topic was “Women in Speculative Fiction,” where we discussed what inspired the hashtag, and what issues specifically face women in the SFF field.  Our first panelists were:

  • Cat Rambo, current President of the SFWA, shortlisted for the Endeavour Award, the Locus Award, the World Fantasy Award and the Nebula Award
  • Nancy Jane Moore, author of the science fiction novel, The Weave; the novellas Changeling and Ardent Forest; and the collections Conscientious Inconsistencies, Flashes of Illumination, and Walking Contradiction and Other Futures.
  • Katie Phillips (who writes under pen name Karis Waters), developmental fiction editor and writing coach specializing in empowering women writing spec fiction, managing editor of indie publisher Crosshair Press, creator of the #SpecWomenChat hashtag.

Scheduled to appear (but didn’t make it): Laura J. Mixon writes about the impact of technology and environmental changes on personal identity and social structures. Her work has been the focus of academic studies on the intersection of technology, feminism, and gender. Under the pen name Morgan J. Locke, she is one of the writers for the group blog Eat Our Brains.  (Hugo Award Winner for Best Fan Writer 2015).

Show Notes:

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A Note: The automatic Closed Captioning is terrible. I’m working to fix it but it will take a few days. Please be patient with me, thanks!

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Strong Women in Science Fiction: Book List

Ok, it’s not just books. It is, however, just science fiction so far as I can tell. I knew if I opened it up to fantasy as well, it would become unmanageable, so I may follow up with a second list if there is interest.  As it is, I’ve got over 60 names on the list! As someone commented, it might have been shorter to come up with a list of books that didn’t have strong female main characters.

One of the top suggestions for strong women in SF, this is a classic read for anyone.  The point was to come up with a list of women who aren’t in search of a husband, who are self-rescuing princesses, damsels that can’t be bothered to be distressed.

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Virtual Fantasy Con 2017: Complete Panel Playlist #VFC17

It’s my pleasure to share with you the complete playlist of the Virtual Fantasy Con’s 2017 panel discussions. I had the honour of hosting three of them: Gender Issues in Fantasy, Realism in Fantasy Warfare, and Fantasy Mashups; you’ll find those ones near the end of the list. I’d like to thank all of the amazing authors whom I had the pleasure of speaking with! If you have an interest in fantasy fiction, I think these are well worth the watch.

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